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Monday, January 30, 2012

Travel by Bus from Guayaquil to Bahia ~ Day 1

It was a long day of travel in vans, buses, and taxi's but we arrived in Bahia pretty much without incident. The van ride from Cuenca to Guayaquil was not what we expected. When the boys and I traveled from Guayaquil to Cuenca we had the van all to ourselves, although it did cost a lot more. Going to Bahia, we shared the van with three young girls, which was fine, they slept most of the way, but the passenger that sat right next to Frank took up part of Frank's seat and he snored loudly the whole way to Guayaquil. When the girls did wake up even their giggling couldn't wake the snoring man up--they got a big kick out of the big snoring man sitting next to the gringo couple. LOL  The vans don't stop for bathroom breaks so it's advisable not to drink too many liquids before the trip.

The bus travel from Guayaquil to Bahia called Reina Del Camino (executive buses) had more comfortable seats than the van, plus it had a TV and bathroom, and, it was air conditioned so well in the bus I had to put my sweater on. The buses are clean and comfortable. For only $7 per person the bus travel is the way to go. Reina Del Camino are more secure than other buses. They lightly frisk you before getting on the bus. Baggage is stowed underneath. You can bring smaller carryons/backpacks with you on the bus but they might check them...This particular bus line is VERY safe! The buses run every day from Guayaquil bus station to Bahia at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.The bus stopped twice for leg stretching and bathroom breaks. They only allow going number one in the bathrooms on the bus, plus some buses do not have bathrooms and if they do you have to ask for the key. 

Coming up in next post/video "day 2" in and around Bahia and San Vicente!

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  1. Cool. I didn't know they had Tuk Tuks in Ecuador. That's what those 3 wheeled taxis were after the mango tree at the gas station.

    Looks like you're all having fun. Enjoy.


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