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Friday, January 06, 2012

We've Found a Few More Big Bugs in Cuenca and ANOTHER Tarantula Spider in our House!

We've seen some weird big beetle bugs and some huge moths and another tarantula in the house crawling around in the dining room. Where did he come from? How many more tarantulas will we see in the house! Still not that many mosquitoes though.


  1. If you leave the spider alone you will have fewer other critters and maybe fewer unwanted human guests as well. In Florida, they are kept like pets. They are not aggressive and will not bite you unless you frighten them.

  2. Thanks for commenting:

    As organic gardeners we learned long ago that spiders are "beneficial". However, regardless of how beneficial in the garden, it's highly doubtful anyone would welcome such a critter walking on their face while sleeping etc.

    1. You guys really post great stuff! I guess I have to get over my fear of bugs before ever making the decision to move to Ecuador lol

  3. In Oklahoma City I've found tarantula's, black widows, scorpions and brown recluse in and around my home (no tarantula's in the house). I've been in my home for 12 years and have yet to be "attacked" by any of them. A few bugs doesn't seem like a big deal.


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