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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

City and Beaches of Bahia de Caraquez ~ Day 2

We like Bahia a lot. The weather here is more up to (Angie's) standards. It is rainy season right now but it hasn't rained that much. What it does here is it rains then stops and slightly clears up...the warmth is wonderful! Bahia is not for everyone, however. It is a sleepy and quiet little city most of the time except for when "Carnival" comes in February and during Holidays. The city is very clean and safe. There is no fear when walking around in the city. Everyone is VERY helpful and nice just like in Cuenca!

This particular video and the photos in it were taken early in the morning, around 7:30am. This town does not fully wake up until after 9:00am, when at that time, people start opening up shop and going about their business. We think the condos you see in the video are vacation homes, since there is never much traffic or people on the bay side of the city.  Please scroll down below the video to see all of our Bahia Adventures!


Travel by Bus from Guayaquil to Bahia ~ Day 1


  1. I have very much been enjoying your blog since coming across it about a month ago. Am particularly looking forward to it now, as you are on your coastal adventure. We are coming to visit in April, and will be looking on the coast to find a nice location to come back to permanently, within the next 8 to 12 months. Like Angie, we are not fond of the chilly areas. Hoping the coast will fit our wants. Thanks for the great information, and keep it coming.
    Thanks Again

  2. Good work.

    Manta is only one hour south of Bahia. It looks more interesting.


  3. If anyone is in Manta, maybe they can expand on the issues outlined in the comments of the article that Nick M. posted....? We want to hear the bad as well as the good as does everyone else...


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