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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ford F-150 Stuck in the Sand in San Clemente Ecuador

This video was taken from the hostel we were staying at in San Clemente, Ecuador. The Ecuadorian driver of the Ford truck was stuck for about an hour and ten minutes in the sand! Notice he is wedged in between two trees as well, making getting out even more difficult. It took a lot of pushing, hollering, manpower, and thinking to get unstuck after a long day of sun and fun in San Clemente.

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  1. This video is so unlike the way Norte Americanos get out of a pothole. Snow, dirt, or sand. Thanks for the observation. The patience in this video is incredible. I'm only guessing that transmission repair shops don't exist in Equador. The transmission of this truck was so gently appreciated. I didn't see any spinning of wheels or cursing to
    get that truck out of it's
    dilemma. What are rare sight of
    patience and such a natural
    coming together of kind
    humans.Sure it took a long
    time...I think that is el manana
    you taught us about in an earlier
    post. No?


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