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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Ecuador Adventures: We're Taking a Tuk-Tuk to Crucita Ecuador

From San Clemente we decide to take a day trip to the coast of Crucita. The trip was a little bit more involved than we thought. We took a bus to Charapoto but it would not take us any further, so we hopped on a tuk-tuk for the last five miles of the journey through farmland to Crucita.


Cruicta beach was packed on Sunday when we were there...Sorry didn't take too many photos of the beach on that day. There were a lot of crowds and people partying on the beach. There was a live band playing very loud and families playing ball on the beach and enjoying their Sunday. We heard that this beach is very tranquil during the week days. Really?

Crucita is a little bit bigger than San Clemente but the roads within the city center of Crucita are not paved and they were very muddy and difficult to walk on. There was also a lot of trash on the city roads. We were a little bit annoyed by the trash and muddy roads, plus the beaches were so packed with people there virtually was not a place to really sit and enjoy the beach.

The beaches are long but not very wide--the tide was almost up to the rocks and there was barely any sandy beach at all by about 3PM (tide in) when we were there. But for those people who like crowds and a lot more happening, Crucita is the beach!


  1. Looks like you were all having a good time. Nothing like cruising the towns in an open air vehicle!

    Are most roads like the ones shown typical of Ecuador? ... pot holes every now and then, but mostly driveable with motorcycles and standard vehicles?

    Wondering whether to take my motorcycle when I move there.

  2. Pot holes in the roads? Your bike might end up having a passion for potholes. Take it with you. Could teach you why you lost your passion for the art that you have shared with many, along your own road...


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