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Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Frugal Wall Decor: the Big Wooden Key

Have you ever seen or heard of the "big spoon and fork"? Movies and television shows like to show the big wooden spoon and fork in the background hanging on kitchen walls. Well, this is our "big wooden key", it is little over 3-feet tall, and it is hanging on the wall in the hallway of our home. I put a banana next to it so you can see that it is a BIG key.

 We have a lot of scrap wood we're trying to use up and so we picked out some wooden decor items in google images and now Alex, our youngest son, is building them for us! I much prefer homemade wall decor than what you can buy at the store--it has much more meaning; it is custom made to our liking; and it looks nice too. Being frugal in Cuenca is a lot of fun!

Here's the google image of the key and where we got the idea from (the middle one is the one we liked the best)

 Here's the video of Alex making the BIG wooden key.

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