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Friday, February 03, 2012

Taking a Water Taxi from Bahia to San Vicente Ecuador

San Vicente is a small village located across the bay of Bahia. You can see Bahia from San Vicente. In this video we took a water taxi across the Chone river estuary and then took a motorized trike or "tuck tuck" around the small town of San Vicente. Scroll down to see more of San Vicente!


  1. Greetings. Am really enjoying your blogs of your trip. Was wondering if you are considering moving to the coastal area at some point, and leaving the city? Coastal areas look very laid back. Are there any crime issues there, as there are in the cities? Looking forward to your next blog.

  2. The article seems to have disappeared. You say "scroll down to see more of San Vincente" but there is nothing when I scroll down except a link to a Hotel video.


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