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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Here's the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide!

DIY Cuenca Landing Guide

Everything you need to know to Land on your feet and start running your own show in Cuenca Ecuador!

Thank you for your blog, it has been the most practical and informative of all my research on the internet about Ecuador. --Tom Kane Vancouver Canada

Inside the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide Frank and Angie hold nothing back—from the ground up—practical and informative Ecuador details that you have come to trust them to deliver to you:

Readers of our Discover Cuenca website blog know that we live here like the locals do and have done all the footwork already to make our own lives easier, more fulfilling, and less expensive, not to mention, less stressful! Now you too can know what we have learned, but without all the mistakes.

This Cuenca Landing Guide will save you many times the purchase price in real dollar terms - and in time saved. 

 My wife and I saved $400 (per month) on our short term rental with just one of the rental resources found in the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide. Thanks a million! Jerry and Nancy – Canada

It’s like letting the authors Frank and Angie take you by the hand and showing you the ins and outs of Cuenca. Let them take you around town, with vivid color photos, clearly defined maps and concise instructions.

Here are just some of the things you will find inside...Read More


  1. Hi Frank, Angie, Alex, Brandon and Angelo....Just ordered your new E-book can't wait to read...I am planing to make Cuenca my new home...Hope your new E-book is a great success....Joseph

  2. Thanks Joseph. We're glad to be of help and appreciate your support.

  3. Hi guys,

    Using your restaurant guide I tried to find Good Affinity restaurant. Unfortunately I went west on Gran Columbia instead of east. Partly my fault I didn´t find it, since I should have noted the address numbers were getting bigger as I was walking, but at the time I didn´t realize Avenida of the Americas loops around Cuenca. Also, the Google Maps I use gives the impression that Calle Gran Columbia changes to a different street when heading east, called Avenue Gonzalez Suarez.

    Anyway, your ebook would have more value if you had a map associated with it a legend indicating where the restaurants are. I was trying to do this with Google Maps before arriving in Cuenca. Unfortunately I had to sometimes guess where the streets are since not all streets are mentioned.

  4. Hi Nards.
    Well, so you had a difficult time finding your way your first time around. Not so unusual. You're starting to figure out the city. That's good. We don't always get something new on the first try either. More value? It's a free ebook Nards. Once you find the restaurant, you will always know where it is. How's that for value.


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