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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rental Market in Cuenca -- (Part 3 of 5)

Depending on where you decide to live in Cuenca it will surely make a BIG difference in your pocket book. The colonial center of downtown Cuenca has way over-inflated prices because this is where 95% of the expats go when relocating here. The local-priced rentals are out there once you get out of the downtown area....we know this for a fact!

You can allow yourself to be gringoed and live in the heart of downtown or you can move away from that area and find a local-priced rental and live in a peaceful, nice Ecuadorian neighborhood. It's your choice...



  1. I'm following this ongoing conversation with keen interest.

    This is my question!

    Other than El Centro, are there neighborhoods in Cuenca that are somewhat vibrant with a bit of their own personality that might hold some appeal to expats?

    Keep in mind that most expats going to Cuenca to live are not going with a good-sized self-contained family.

    Living outside the action could be quite lonely for someone arriving by him/herself -- or with just one other person.

    Then there's the language issue. If one can't or won't learn to speak Spanish, perhaps finding the gringo-bubble area makes more sense from a safety and convenience standpoint..

    Personally I like a bit of adventure, and my Spanish is sufficient enough that I probably wouldn't get myself in any serious trouble through a lack of communication, at least for very long.

    However, if I only had ten or twenty words of Spanish under my belt, I don't know how adventurous I'd feel.

    One is definitely more vulnerable and limited without being able to speak Spanish when you are by yourself or with just one other person in the same boat.

  2. Hi Frank,Angie and Macrina thanks for Giving us more Video info in part 3/5 Re: Cuenca Rental I'm with you Frank $250 to $300 Per month is the Proper price point for Cuenca.I will be looking for a home like the one you found I am single and since your videos I may want to share a 3 bedroom home I think your right greater numbers provide better security and social benefits. Macrina is there a place on the internet that we can preview $250 to $300 rentals?? again thanks Joseph

  3. Hi Nick. Thank you for your post.
    The thing about Cuenca is that although it has about 400k population, it has a small town feel, because you can usually get to the center within ten to fifteen minutes on a bus. See the point? We're right on a bus line, and go to the center any time we want on the spur of the moment. It's not that big a deal.


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