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Road Improvements by Supermaxi on Avenida las America

This is the construction going on by Supermaxi on Avenida las Americas. This is a huge construction project. They have torn up the road for about 1/4 of a mile and from the way it looks, it seems like they are building an underground tunnel to curb the heavy flow of traffic in this area. Everytime we used to walk by here the traffic was always very congested and really terrible for pedestrians trying to cross the street to go to the grocery store, Supermaxi. We think this is going to make a huge improvement when they get it all done; more walk-friendly and less traffic congestion in this area.



  1. I believe you just filmed for us, the beginning pre-construction phase of the $4.1 million light rail/street car system being built in Cuenca. Walking, buses, taxis, cars, bikes, motorbikes...what more could a human being desire?

  2. Thanks for your post.

    We've said it before: the public transport system, although it could be improved in some ways, is very reliable. Other than the taxis, it's not used much by the expat community as much as it could be.

    However, us frugal folk are on the bus all the time, and we love it...


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