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Having Fun with the Children at the Children's Home in Cuenca


Last Saturday we brought some drawing paper, colored pencils and modeling clay to the children's home and it sure brought out their creative spirit. All the children are so smart and talented--its amazing how loving and affectionate they are. We have become attached to each and every one of the children over the last ten months.

The girls love to rough house, play ball, tag and other rough and tumble sports but they also like to do girly things such as braid my hair (see picture below) and sometimes they like to put makeup on my face and create neat designs with fingernail polish on my fingernails. As an added bonus they also pull out my grey hairs!!

The boys on the other hand are rambunctious and full of energy and they always want to rough house with Frank and our sons. It has been such a joy sharing our lives with these beautiful children.

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