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Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Cuenca University Students Interview us for School Project

We're sitting in Park Calderon enjoying another beautiful day in Cuenca when three young students from Cuenca University asked if they could interview us for a school project. Apparently their English class wants to know all about the gringos relocating to Cuenca. 



  1. Thanks guys really enjoyed that interaction with the locals. I think that it is paramount that one establishes friendships with like-minded locals, especially if you plan on residing there.
    We are looking for possible living alternatives with the coming economic collapse. My concern would be ecuadorian use of the usa dollar. It is being printed into oblivion with the obvious intention of defaulting. Stagflation is imminent, and will encompass much of the globe, and especially those based on the US greenback.(and not only the us dollar) This will prove catastrophic economically. I wonder if you folks have considered this? Is ecuadorain government contemplating a return to their dollar. My other concern would be backlash from locals who might naturally fault gringos,as you have already alluded in regards to inflated real estate prices. In fact I have read of others who have had to return to the USA from Costa Rica for instance, because of local reprisals. We, as you are looking towards God's direction and guidance in this matter. After much, much study I am convinced the economic landscape will be completely different from what we are seeing now. The evidence is simply overhemling and cannot be ignored. I believe we are in a safe haven for the time, being in Canada, but am not convinced that it will remain so. We are comtemplating the southern hemisphere in lieu of continued radioactive fallout in Japan, and government/societal indiscretion. Eventually it will encompass the globe, and the general public remains aloof with indifference as they continue to believe the lies of government and most media. And we know that all these things must come to pass, and more, much more before the Son of Man returns. Surely the leaves of the fig tree are upon us, and fruit thereof must be nigh.
    May our Lord Christ Jesus, continue to keep you and yours. Franco

  2. Hi Franco. For a little guy (your pic) you are very smart. hehe.

    Interesting you mention reprisals. Remember the post about the aggression we experienced? We were walking right along "gringo gulch".
    Not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.

    Haven't heard anything about currency defaults here, but you know, you never know, make wise decisions, protect yourself.

    We believe Ecuador to be a nice pleasant place for "us" to live, not necessarily to invest. More in the Cuenca Guide.

    All things in moderation, know what I mean?

    thanks for the comment.


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