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Sunday, May 13, 2012

5 Ways to Find Budget Rental Properties in Cuenca Ecuador

Most tourists coming to Cuenca to stay for a week to three months don’t want to spend more than they have to on a rental. We already know this and is why we have already done a lot of the foot work and mental work for you. We have scoured, searched, and investigated how to find the “local priced” rentals in Cuenca.
Recently we have found more great rental resource, which we just updated the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide book with. We are emailing these new rental resources to all of those who have already bought the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide eBook. So be looking for this email soon! Thank you for your support!
Consistency is everything when looking for budget rental properties in Cuenca. There is a lot of competition in the $200 to $300 a month price range. When a new listing comes up in your price range, go look at it as soon as possible, and if you like it, rent it!
Here are the 5 best ways to find a budget rental property in Cuenca Ecuador.
1. Read the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide book
2. Find bilingual newspapers, which we list in the DIY Cuenca Guide.
Some of these are Spanish websites so you will need to know a few words in Spanish and then when you find a good priced rental (under $300) have an Ecuadorian call it for you.
3. Make friends with the locals and then let them know you are looking for a rental under whatever your budget price is.
4. Walk around the neighborhoods you like and look for “Casa for rent” signs. It will look something like this. Arriendo de casa" or Se "Arrienda".
5. Put your business card and or contact information on houses that look vacant and ask if they would consider renting it out.
We list several more resources on how to find budget rental properties in Cuenca Ecuador in the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide eBook. Plus we show you what to look for in the rental property to use for a negotiation tactic to lower the price of the rental itself! There is so much great information in the Cuenca LandingGuide that you’ll be telling the locals how to find the best priced rentals. Caio for now!

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