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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Cuenca Ecuador Hotels for the Frugal-Minded Budget

In Cuenca the hotels can be downright expensive because they are geared for the tourist. We think staying in over-priced hotels for your visit is a waste of money for two very important reasons. 1) You won’t be spending much time in your hotel room, and 2) You can have the same amenities, plus more while staying in a hostel in Cuenca!
What Is a Frugal Hotel in Cuenca Ecuador?
A frugal-minded hotel is usually called a hostel, which is spelled “hostal” here in Ecuador. A “hostel and hotel” are similar except that a hostel is geared to the budget minded traveler because they have the option of rooms that have shared bathrooms and or kitchens that cater to the back packer, students, and those with families, etc.  Of course, you certainly do not have to have a shared bathroom, however; they have different amenities for different budgets.

The above is a photo we took of a hostel in downtown Cuenca. This particular hostel and three others we list in the DIY Cuenca Landing guide we have either stayed at or checked out the rooms personally.  They are all pretty nice hostels
Here in Cuenca there are literally hundreds of hostels to choose from and the ones we list in the DIY Cuenca Landing guide have prices starting at just $8 a night with private bath and FREE WIFI! Now you can't beat that. One thing that most hostels have in common are shared kitchens. This is very handy for that early morning cup of coffee or tea; or using the refrigerator to keep cold drinks and other snack type food items cold.
So if you are thinking about visiting Cuenca and your wallet doesn’t like the $50 on up a night hotel lodging than we think your best bet is the $8 to $25 a night per person hostel.
When Frank first arrived in Cuenca he booked a hostel that was $50 a night online because we didn’t know about the lower priced hostels in Cuenca. Two days later he found another hostel in the same “El Centro” location of Cuenca for just $8 a night with the same amenities, of private bath, shared kitchen, clean rooms, wifi, etc!
The room in the higher priced hostal was not any larger than the lower priced one.
You Don’t Have to Stay at the Expensive Cuenca Ecuador Hotels
Had we known about this hostels before we arrived in Cuenca we could have saved $84! We want to help you find a good value hotel for your visit to Cuenca. That’s why we have mapped out four nice priced hostels, with photos, description and contacts in the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide. We checked out these hostels ourselves or have stayed in them, so we know you’ll find them to your liking as well.
By the way, there are hostels in Cuenca that are expensive at $50 a night on up but the ones we list in the DIY Cuenca Landing guide all have the frugal budget in mind.

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