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Two Cuenca Budget Rental Recommendations

We get emails from our readers periodically letting us know about their choice of places to stay in Cuenca.  Frank and I also run into good rental resources in our day to day adventures in Cuenca.  We just sent out  two new Cuenca budget rental recommendations from a reader, that seem to have fairly reasonable rates and are in convenient locations in Cuenca.

We have not checked these rentals personally but the prices seem to be pretty fair and so we wanted to send them to our readers who have already bought the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide.  We value your readership and your support of this blog.

If you want to be close to the government offices and Supermaxi the first choice seems like a pretty good value.  The first rental resource is next to the bus station and the Cuenca airport; about a five minute taxi ride to downtown Cuenca.

Remember:  these are not our recommendations.  We have never seem them or stayed there personally.  The ones we personally recommend were already in the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide, along with many more rental resources at your finger tips.

We will continue to send folks who have bought the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide updates and new rental resources and recommendations as they come in that we deem worthy of attention.  If you haven't alredy bought the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide then you're missing out!  What are you waiting for?  The guide also has tips and current immigration solutions for those wanting to extend their stay in Cuenca.

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