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Cuenca Ecuador Weather Humidity/Mold Experiment (1of 8)

We previously wrote an article about the moisture in the air and the mold growth in our home and how it was affecting our health. Towards the end of the article we offered our solutions to the mold issue problem that is prevalent in Cuenca.
Our article on the Cuenca weather has become one of our most popular posts simply because many retirees are moving to Cuenca or are thinking of moving to Cuenca and are concerned about this issue, and they should be.
We’ve had several folks write in asking us about the weather and what we do about the mold. Some of our readers wanted to know if it was dry or humid in Cuenca.
We decided to do an experiment in search of the facts about Cuenca weather, humidity and mold so please follow along with us through our 8 part series (might be more) on Cuenca Ecuador Weather Humidity/Mold Experiment. This video is 1 of 8.


  1. What happened to vid #8?
    *IF* you have a concrete floor, that's where it's coming from.

    1. http://www.discovercuencaecuador.com/2012/07/cuenca-ecuador-weather-humidity-and.html


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