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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cuenca Weather Humidity Reading AFTER 24 Hour Sunny and Dry Period (7 of 8)

This will probably be our last humidity reading.  If you’ve been following along you can see it is quite humid and moist in Cuenca, and with no ventilation built in to the cement homes it can create a breeding ground for mold if you do not take special defensive measures against it. 
BTW, the condensation on the windows in the video was at 7am in the morning, before anyone took showers or ran hot water in the kitchen, etc...

It certainly is not a deal-breaker for anyone wanting to move to Cuenca but it is something that is NEVER talked about up until now. Well, now ya know.  

Coming up: Photos of moldy buildings in Cuenca and our solutions to mold in the house and our conclusions to this series on Cuenca Ecuador weather. 


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