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Friday, June 15, 2012

El Paseo Shopping Mall in Salinas (La Libertad) Ecuador

In this video, Frank and I took a bus from Salinas (about 15-minutes) to La Libertad, which is just another area of Salinas. La Libertad is where the big Hiper Market is located. You can find the same kind of items and household goods at the Hiper Market as Wal-mart.   In the next video will take you to the beach/condo area of La Libertad.          


  1. Hi Angie,Frank,Brandon,Angelo & Alex Great Video of Mall I was surprised it was pretty nice Mall for a population of around 35000 people not many people shopping that was a surprise as well I liked seeing the very blue sky in Salinas its very rainy in Vancouver BC Sun is a wish list item,,,,Later Joseph

  2. Hi Joseph.
    It was very refreshing for us also to experience clear skies and warm weather. Rainy season here in Cuenca, was raining three times a day, three times a day in April. heh.


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