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Monday, June 11, 2012

First Impressions of Salinas Ecuador by Frank and Angie

This is our first impressions of Salinas. This video was taken on about day 3 of our three week adventure in Salinas and surrounding coastal cities. Stay tuned for more beach front rental videos, boat rides, Frank cooking pesto in the Hotel kitchen, Paseo shopping mall and much, much more from Salinas Ecuador!  Please scroll down past the video to see all of our Salinas adventures!!

Flight Information about the Salinas Airport
Walking off the Beaten Path of Condo Alley in Salinas.. Walking Along the Malecon in Salinas Ecuador Salinas Ecuador Beach, Here We Come! Healthy at Salinas Beach Ecuador Furnished Rental in Salinas Ecuador: Rent by the W... Travel Safely and Comfortably by Bus to Salinas fr... Ocean View Hotel in Salinas Ecuador Frank and I ventured clear over to the other side ... Frank Really Missed His Pesto When We Were in Sali... First Impressions of Salinas Ecuador by Frank and ... El Paseo Shopping Mall in Salinas (La Libertad) Ec... 
La Libertad Beach and Condo Area Nearby the Paseo ...
Salinas Bay Ocean Tour Boat Ride
Diamond by the Sea Hostel in Salinas Ecuador
A Relaxing Day Shopping on the Beach in Salinas Ec...
Who Says that Frugal Folks Can't Enjoy Life!


  1. Dear Frank & Angie,

    -What I have noticed is that it is so noisy abroad in those kind of countries, South America, Asia.
    -Are there quiet places where you can feel more relaxed from time to time?

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for commenting. You can go out of town about five miles, but still on a bus line and it's quiet. It's true, in town, the noise level takes some getting used to, we still haven't really gotten used to it, well it' s like noise pollution, It's like swallowing mud, you're never going to get used to it.


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