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The Love of Soccer (futbol) in Cuenca Ecuador

Ecuadorians love playing futbol. It is an outdoor sport that the whole family gets involved in, even mom and dad. Our neighbors are often seen playing futbol out in the front of their house and our son Brandon joins in on the game as well. Rain or shine, which here in Cuenca can often be sprinkling or raining, you can see families in the parks, front yards, school grounds, beaches, and in the roads kicking a ball around.
Anyone who knows anything about Latin American culture knows that futbol is just a variation of soccer and it is a game which uses a soccer ball, not a football. They call it futbol because you are kicking a soccer ball around and trying to get it into the opposing goalie. It is a fun ball game that helps families and friends enjoy time together, which is a good thing.
Fewer households own computers or video game consoles in Ecuador and so the younger generation is usually outside enjoying the fresh Andes Mountain air and getting some exercise. We often play soccer with the children at the children's home on Saturday. They love playing futbol.
Deportivo Cuenca – Professional Football Team
It’s not all fun and games, however. Cuencanos and Cuencanas take professional futbol (Deportivo Cuenca is the Cuenca team) very seriously, we are told. Regrettably the crowds in the stands, if Cuenca is losing, can even become, let’s say, unruly and a little bit offensive with their language; if you don’t understand Spanish this is a good thing. If you understand the language, you might be somewhat put off.
There are 201 football clubs in Ecuador so that kind of tells you how popular this sport truly is. Deportivo Cuenca is in the Primera Categoría for the 2011 season. There are seven Cuenca clubs affiliated with the Professional Football Association of Azuay.
Cuenca Football Stadium Weather Forecast
Futbol is so popular in Cuenca that they have a weather forecast online http://www.myweather2.com/Football/Ecuador/CD-Cuenca.aspx just for the football stadium!
Notice the humidity levels on the chart; this means that on cooler days it can feel damp and chilly and will need a sweater, and on warmer we’ve worked up a sweat just walking around when its only 72 degrees outside. The weather chart goes on to say that in June there is an average humidity level of 73% and that on the higher side of humidity levels , coupled with sunnier days in June - caution is advised for active people.
Quote: Given average maximum temperatures and humidity levels caution is advised. Fatigue is possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity for those in high risk groups of possible heat disorders (see heat index for more information).
What does that mean to us? We always bring a hat and plenty of water so that when the sun is out we can take care to not over expose ourselves. And when it is damp and chilly we put on a couple of sweaters and jackets, which we always have handy in our back packs.

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