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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Relaxing Day Shopping on the Beach in Salinas Ecuador

Have you ever sat on the beach and shopped at the same time? The last time we shopped on the beach was when we were  in Mexico in the early 90's. Ecuador beach resorts are not any different. There were probably about 10 or 12 different vendors coming by selling things from hammocks to Ecuadorian traditional foods. I would have loved to have the two lamps in the beginning of the video, but we did not want to carry them on the bus all the way back to Cuenca! Enjoy the Video.



  1. Sitting in my townhouse in Santa Fe, NM and want to go Salinas beach, roll in the sand into the water. (we haven't had rain for 2 months now) Love this video, love the blog! Thanks for sharing. Petey

  2. Hope you're not expecting any rain in Salinas, there isn't any. Lots of beach though. The water is a bit chilly. Thanks for commenting...

  3. That "bollo" looks really yummy...great memories of Salinas for me ;)

  4. It was good. Would you believe that very same dish just across the street in the tourist restaurant is $10 bucks?


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