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Friday, July 20, 2012

Cuenca Expat Woman Stabbed by Three Men on Popular Walking Trail

Remember in past articles we talk about how women should not be walking around Cuenca alone? This is the second attack on a woman in Cuenca in the past two weeks, that we've heard of who happened to be walking alone. The first attack was an Ecuadorian woman who was assaulted by four men with a knife who cut up her face, badly marring her. 

This second attack happened just a few days ago, at 10am, on a popular walking / jogging trail that we frequently walk on as a family, near the Mall Del Rio. Here is one of our videos walking along this trail where the attack occurred.
It is in an area of nice homes, family restaurants and shops. When you look at your surroundings you think, “Oh, well this looks like a nice area for me to walk by myself”, nothing will happen to me”? But stuff happens here in Cuenca and women alone are frequently the targets of robbery and crime. We talk extensively about crime and how to protect yourself i.e. avoid trouble, in the DIYCuencaLandingGuide.
We know people that jog this trail along the Yanuncay River and know exactly where this spot is where the woman was attacked. They say that every day between 7am and 8am there are about 30 expats taking yoga classes in a grassy area by the river. We’re telling you this to let you know that, just because it looks like a nice area and there are people around, does not mean nothing is going to happen.
We have been told by locals on numerous occasions to watch ourselves along the river trails, especially at night, and here’s why. The article mentions the noise of the river, but not only that, but the river bank has hiding spots behind trees and big rocks, below the embankment and under the overpasses and bridges that line the trails. It is VERY easy for a bad guy to attack you from behind and rob you…and they usually have knives.
North Americans are culturally possessed to think of a river area as a desirable location, but here in Ecuador, it's where the crime statistics seem to emanate from. Luckily the woman survived the attack. Here’s the post from Latin American News.
U.S expatriate female attacked by three men, stabbed 
Posted on July 17, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL Source: Latin America News
On July 16th, 2012, a female U.S. expatriate living in Cuenca, Ecuador was attacked and stabbed by three men. According to the report taken from a social network the female was walking on the outer path of the Yanuncay River on Primero de Mayo in Cuenca when she was assaulted. She fought against the attackers when she was stabbed. The victim was treated and required more than ten stitches at the St. Inez medical facility.
The post indicated while this area is beautiful and inviting that the outer path which is along the river can attract criminals in part due to the noise of the river. The inner path closest to Primero de Mayo may be a better choice for a walk.


  1. Are the bandits looking for money or just want to harass people?
    Would they bother with a runner?

  2. i thought expats could buy guns in Ecuador
    i would rather have a gun than a camera or an iphone

  3. So so unfortunate. But, alas we have the same problems here in the states. I live in Tulsa, OK and I don't go walking/jogging/biking alone anymore. We've had so many tragic cases lately its really sad. A woman jogging with her baby in my favorite park was raped and beaten. Two college kids running on a well known trail were made to get on their knees and shot execution style for a gang initiation. I have two big dogs and that still hasn't kept some people from messing with me.

    1. Yes, but Oklahoma has not been named the best retirement city in the world, unless I missed it?

  4. Best retirement or not, there is no such thing as a safe place in this world. It's great you show people before they go to Ecuador that it's not paradise it's a country like any other with problems and crime. But here in California this crime is a dime a dozen not so in Ecuador doesn't happen like it happens here with gangs and just nut heads in general. But people take heed, common sense will save your life no matter where you are. Don't be alone and have something to protect yourself. TY Frank and Angie. :)


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