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Thursday, July 19, 2012

ETAPA Internet Update 2 - We’re Back Online, For Now!

For those of you who are new to the blog and reading, here is a recap of what has been happening with our ETAPA Internet Service.
The Internet went out on us on Friday morning at around 11am. We decided to personally file the report at the ETAPA office, instead of calling, due to our prior experience of failure in using the phone with Etapa.
At our previous internet failures, it took two weeks to resove the problem. It appeared to be a failure to answer the phone on the part of the offices that we were calling. Any way, after showing up at their office a Technician came out the next day and thought he fixed it with a new line to the modem, but it was not fixed. Unfortunately, he left quickly and so we waited another day for ETAPA to come out.
We were without Internet service, with ETAPA, from Friday Morning on July 13, 2012 to the Wednesday on the 18th in evening at 5:30pm. We since have bought a Claro rechargeable stick, which charges by the MB’s and is quite expensive, but when you have a busy blog with many readers writing in it works for answering email questions, support, and posting.
Five Days without ETAPA Internet Service
Many of you probably want to know what the problem was that took five days to fix. The problem was found within an hour and fixed in 20 minutes. It took five days to have someone come out to the house to fix it. Unfortunately the Internet went down on a Friday and Etapa does not service over weekends. The first time they came out they didn’t fix anything…all this took five and a half days.
Main Cable to the House Faulty
After about an hour of making all their little tests and checks they do to isolate the problem, it ended up being the main line from the telephone pole outside our house that goes into our house, that is located behind the cement wall inside the house. Big job!  In fact, it was going to be such a big job for them they just jury rigged a line from the modem box to the outside pole, rather than breaking up the cement in our house wall. Here is some photos of what they did. 
They led the cable from the modem box along the side of the wall on top of the floor trim and out the living room window, then tied the cable around a re-bar on the roof and...

...from the roof to the pole outside our house. It took all of 20 minutes to complete. It looks a little funky but we have Internet now.
Internet Speed Really Bad for Awhile
We didn’t post about this but we had been having REALLY slow Internet for some time and now we know why; not only that, but in June for about two weeks the Internet would go out and stay out in the evenings for hours at a time. Now we know it was the main cable line that was just about ready to give out any day. We thought that perhaps ETAPA was just getting bogged down with too many customers to service…it still might be part of the problem too.
Anyway, over the course of several months our ETAPA Internet had been giving us serious problems. First it would go out in the evening and not come back on until the next day, so we installed a brand new modem, then it went out completely and we installed a brand new line to the modem and now we have a brand new main cable leading into the house from the telephone pole outside. We hope now with everything brand new we will not have any Internet issues, at least for awhile.
The Internet seems to be working fine now.


  1. Excellent, I am glad you guys are back online.

  2. I hope that the ISP gave you credit for down time or I'd be back in the office screaming to see the manager. It works especially well when their offices are ful of new and existing customers.
    Remember, the sqeaky wheel gets the grease!!!!
    Glad it's over (hope I didn't just jinx you) as I look forward to your posts.


  3. Ya, a well crafted letter outlining our loss is what we're thinking but just don't trust google translate.

    Thanks for commenting...


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