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In Ecuador You Can Ask For a Discount…

In Ecuador You Can Ask For a Discount…
…and nine times out of ten, receive it! Isn’t that cool? Ecuadorians like it when you bargain with them; not only will it show them that you are not a "rich gringo", or at least do not want to be labeled as such, but it lets them see you being humble about not wanting to be gringoed!  It really is “ok” to not accept gringo inflated prices, especially if you live here. 
Next time you go to that same vendor she or he will remember you and you’ll most likely not get the higher price quoted to you again. We’re writing a free negotiation ebook right now that we think our readers will find extremely helpful for when they arrive in Ecuador.
Whether you are on an extended visit or are moving here to Cuenca, don’t forget to negotiate the prices of food, rents, shopping, etc; it will save you mucho dollars in the long run. Stay tuned for more from the "In Ecuador You Can" Series.

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