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Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Ecuador You Can Paint Your Home Pink

paint your home pink or purple if you want! No one cares, not even your Ecuadorian next door neighbor cares if you paint your house purple or pink. You know why? It’s not that important to complain about. And even if they did complain, Ecuadorian authorities would probably just smile at you for being so silly.
A pink house in your Cuenca neighborhood is not going to reduce the value of the casas next to it because, well, numerous homes in Ecuador are painted pink. There are bright pink homes, just pink, salmon pink, purple pink, and well…you’ll just have to see for yourself when you get here. However, I don’t believe there are as many pink homes in Latin America as there are in the Caribbean.
If you’re the type of person who likes to go to the county to complain about your neighbor’s house color and yard, you better think twice about moving here. It’s not that the grass isn’t green, if you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know there’s plenty of rain to keep it green year round, and it grows well too. It’s not that Ecuadorians don’t mow their lawn because they do; in many cases they just have their next door neighbor’s sheep or cows come over for the day and eat out of their yard until they feel the grass is short enough. The grass may not be even in all places, like you see in the U.S, but no one cares. “What’s the big deal”, they will say with a shoulder shrug if you told them their pink house is offensive.
In the land of the free and home of the brave if you paint your house a pink or purple color, or you have an old car up on blocks for days in your driveway, your next door neighbor will more than likely complain about it and then big brother building color codes and yard maintenance will come over to your house and tell you to repaint your house to a more comforting color or remove the car just for your neighbor. The more “efficient” counties will just send you a letter threatening to have it done for you and then attach you with the bill.  
It doesn’t matter that you think you own your own home and happen to like your house to be pink with purple shutters or that you don’t have the money for the new radiator this month.
Did I say, “Land of the free”?
In England a couple is ordered by authorities to repaint their pink house white and they are appealing.  The neighbors are calling their pink house tacky and offensive. The couple feels they should be allowed to choose the color of their home; after all, it’s their home. Or so they think. What do you think?
In the U.S there are numerous cases of neighbors squabbling with one another over house color. In many communities in North America there are house color codes that dictate what color you can paint your home, and I doubt pink is one of those colors. They even have color codes for inside paint jobs as well. So now, who owns your home?
Well, we thought we’d better let you know, if you plan on living in the city of Cuenca Ecuador don’t be surprised if your next door neighbor paints his home a pink shade  because this color is actually very popular here in Cuenca. The one in the photo above is just pink.  
There’s a bunch of other things you can do in Ecuador, but we better leave that until next time…

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  1. I LIKE Pink and a homeowner or landlord should have the Freedom to manage their property. HOA's are Not my cup of tea and maybe even difficulty with apartment living as I've never shared a common stoop. Life is Good in the USA but it's time for me to have an Adventure.


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