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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Salinas Ocean Front Rental for $1K

When we were in Salinas we checked out some ocean front condo rentals to see what there was to offer for the fugal-minded budget. Even during off season the rents seemed to be a bit on the high side.  Salinas, if you're on a budget, or if you want to live frugally is not a place you will want to live permanently. Salinas may be real nice on the Malecon but it is very touristy and the prices for rentals reflect that.  Salinas Malecon area (beach) is geared to the tourist who wants to spend $20 on a lobster tail or $12 on a pasta dish and $500 a week on a furnished condo..

Once you walk away from the Malecon and beach area, Salinas is nothing special...there are very few good restaurants, markets, grocery stores, etc...oh, there is one small grocery store in Salinas a street back from the Malecon but there's not much there. you have to take a bus or taxi to La Libertad for the Paseo shopping Mall. Cuenca has much more to offer as far as good rentals, restaurants, fresh fruits and veggies, and shopping! We'll be talking more about Salinas in an upcoming video.


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  1. In your last video in your series on humidity and mold in Cuenca, you mentioned that Salinas is warm and dry. But I also see here that you don't necessarily recommend it.

    I'm beginning to think from what I'm seeing online that there is no place in all of Ecuador that is actually warm (ie, above 70 degrees most of the year) and also dry (with a dew point below 60)? Perhaps because it is such a small country surrounded by so much ocean, or perhaps because there aren't enough weather recording stations in the country, so what I'm seeing isn't accurate?

    Do you think there is anyplace like that in Ecuador?


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