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Friday, July 13, 2012

Tour of Anconcito with Jose Vargas

On the bus ride from Salinas to Anconcito we met with a young fellow who was very interested in telling us about his city. He let us know that he wants to have more tourism in Anconcito. He offered to give us a tour around Anconcito and we spent the whole day walking around to different areas of the beach. Afterwards, we were invited to eat lunch (Almuerzo) at Jose's home; this will be another video coming up!  Scroll down below the video to see more of Anconcito!


  Almuerzo Lunch with Jose Vargas of Anconcito Ecuador


  1. The young man should be the president of Anconcito! Great video again.
    Petey, Santa Fe

  2. Thanks for commenting. A very nice family indeed. They made us lunch in their home!!!

  3. I am so happy I found this! It's my town where I live -- and in fact you show my place at the very end of your film here, across from where you are standing, the two story building on the beach across the field, that's my B&B. Anconcito is a special place and La Diablica where Jose Vargas wanted to take you to see is amazing to walk across -- all volcanic rocks and tide pools hard to describe. Come on back and visit and see the extension on the puerto, and the upgrades in our centro, and see what Jose has been up to and meet some of the other wonderful folks who live here!


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