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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Photos Taken in Cuenca Ecuador

Random photos of Cuenca and surrounding areas. These were all taken within the last two months of July and August.   Double click on the photos to enlarge.

Three nights ago there was a fire in the historic area of Cuenca. Apparently some fireworks landing on the roof of this building. See center of photo.

Burnt building next to the Cathedral in El Centro district of Cuenca

Military guarding the burnt building

 Who said you can only get small size shoes in Ecuador?
That's Frank's shoe next to the big shoe. Actually this tennis shoe was on display as a novelty item in a retail shoe store in Cuenca. 

Mall Del Rio Parking Lot in front of Coral Grocery Store

When our Internet went out in July we went to the Mall and got on WIFI

Leaving the Mall 

Need to call your family back home?

We are being toured by the principle and one of the English speaking teachers this private school located in Cuenca. Frank and I will show interested expats with children this school
(It is a nice school with English speaking children)

Computer Lab of private school in Cuenca

 Basketball court at private school

Road Work: Underpass almost done
 Another view of underpass
Road work by Supermaxi on Avenida las Americas and Grand Columbia

This is the women's restroom in Mall Del Rio--No toilet seats!! And they are all like that! 

 Cuenca Ecuador country club
racquet ball, tennis, pool, sauna, gym, golf course

 Talking on the phone and waiting for the bus in a square in the south end of Cuenca

In Cajas National Park with our friends

Frank and sons -- Cajas National Park

Rickety bridge in Cuenca - it's scary, the boards move when a car drives on it, we walked across it and there is large holes in the boards. Last time we checked they were fixing this bridge. Good!

I wonder how many animals have made this tree their home?

Calf resting by the river.

Palm Tree


  1. It would be good to know about the country club, and any gyms as well. Without a way to exercise and hit the sauna, life would be pretty rough. Do you know what it costs to join the country club? Thanks.

  2. Keep up the good work. I would love to have lunch with you in july when I will be back to cuenca. I live in lasvegas now.grantgresser@yahoo.com


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