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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Eating Chaulafan for Lunch in Salinas Ecuador

The first time we heard of chaulafan was at a Chinese restaurant here in Cuenca but there is also an Ecuadorian version of Chaulafan which is made with rice, veggies and different meats. The one we're eating in this video is the chinese version where noodles take the place of rice. Chalaufan is very popular here in Cuenca and for good reason, it's good! 


Sorry about the background noise--the TV was blaring! When she served the food, Frank got up and turned the TV down so we could enjoy our meal in peace. I think he would have turned it down sooner but the waitress was watching it with her baby.


  1. Looks delicious and quite a lot... to the point of overflowing. What did this cost you?

    Another question. When is the beach area "on season"?

  2. We were pleasantly surprised. It was heavy on the meats, and was very satisfying. $4 each. Not bad.

    High season December through March, and we're told July and August...a little bit...

  3. Did the meal come with a drink? Just wondering... good price regardless!

    Why high season during those months? Is it cooler, vacation time, or tradition?

    BTW, I so enjoy your blog! Thank you for sharing!

  4. High season is Dec-March b/c it is the hottest months on the coast, kids are out of school end-January through March, many snowbirds escape winter, etc.

    July/August is when kids in the mountains are out of school, and when foreign tourists visit.

  5. Thanks for answering that Gatinha.
    Also, there was no drink included with the meal, but we felt it was a good value, as it was overflowing and full of meats. Very tasty, not to mention, cooked to order...


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