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Friday, August 03, 2012

Ecuadorian Cuisine: Bolon de Verde and the Humita

Today we're sitting in a little Ecuadorian cafe enjoying a cup of coffee (Frank brings his own cocoa) and trying out a traditional Ecuadorian snack called bolon de verde. Some Ecuadorians love the bolon de verde with fried eggs in the morning for breakfast. It is made with fried green plantains that are mashed up and made into a ball and inside you can have cheese or meat. This one had some kind of meat inside, not sure what it was. 

This is the only food so far that we didn't really like too well. It could have been how it was prepared and cooked,  but it was very dry and not much flavor to it.  We might try it again but at a different cafe next time. 


We have also tried the traditional Ecuadorian Humita, which the first time we had it, we thought it was different. We didn't dislike it, but we did not love it either. and then last week our Ecuadorian friends made us a bunch of humitas and we loved them! So it really depends on how they are prepared and whose cooking them I guess. Here is the video when we first tried a humita in one of our favorite Panaderias. This panaderia usually has fresh pastries and their pan de yucca is the BEST!  We list this panaderia in the DIY Cuenca Guide.



  1. Wow, great videos on a Sat morning. That first one I would put some good salsa on it, salsa fixes everything :-)
    Thanks for the great information/education.
    Petey, Santa Fe

  2. Actually, meat inside the bolon is usually fried pork, or pork skin.

  3. There had to be a good reason why I had that reaction. Thanks for the info...


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