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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cevecheria Restaurant in el Centro - Cuenca Ecuador

Frank and I are at the Cevecheria restaurant in el Centro. We like to have the encebollado soup. We've had this soup at the coast and in Cuenca and the best so far has been in Cuenca at the restaurant we’re at in this video. It is served with a slice of lime and corn chips that they make themselves from dried hominy. 

Encebollado is a traditional Ecuadorian dish that is very tasty and hearty.  At this restaurant a big bowl is just $1.50.  Frank usually orders fresh coconut milk to go along with the soup and it is also fresh and delicious.
Encebollado is usually made with tuna, yuca, onion, cilantro, and a little bit of hot pepper; I never thought I'd like fish soup but this is very good!



  1. Where is this restaurant located, you left the address off of your posting?

  2. Holy grid lock Batman!!!!
    Was that day like our "Gringo" Thursday or Friday"? In other words, Bank and Grocery day.
    In most of your other posts traffic seems to be the exception to the rule. Great work on the blog and for all the terrific information.
    Look forward to getting my notifications everyday.

    Cheers, Graham.

  3. Hello! Love the blog. I especially appreciate your honest assessments of Ecuadorian cities.

    Have you ever visited Montanita? I'd be curious to hear your opinion of it. I think it may be more appealing to a younger crowd (your sons), but I'd still like to hear your opinion of it - can a person live there full time, what is food like, what is the city like past the beach hotels and bars?


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