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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Video Tutorial: How to Build Rustic Couch

Here is a video tutorial on how to build your own rustic couch. This couch is a simple design, one that anyone with the willingness to build their own furniture can construct.  The wood we used to build our furniture, including the one in the video is eucalyptus wood, which lasts a lifetime if treated properly.  Some of the videos of our furniture making may say the wood we used is pine wood but we have since learned that this is incorrect. 

Eucalyptus makes very durable and sturdy furniture and is why it is also great for outdoor furniture because it stands up  to weather conditions just like teak wood. 


For nine months we used 3 inch thick mattress cushions, available at Coral for the seat cushions and then big wool Indian blankets to cover the cushions. Recently I learned to sew (thanks Khaitlan!) and we now have homemade cushion covers and throw pillows for the furniture. 

Coral sells the cushion material in different thicknesses according to your preferences.  Here's some photos of the pillows and cushions.

Back cushions pillows

Cushions with homemade zippered covers

We have literally saved thousands of dollars building our own furniture and so can you! Anyone can do it if they put their mind to it! For more information about what tools and materials you will need to build these rustic couches, click here.


  1. You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for this demo. Should we bring our sewing machine and tools, or is it better to buy them there (costwise)?
    We are moving there in a couple months (woohoo).
    Bo and Linda in Oregon

  2. There's lots of sewing gong on here. We've written a whole post on this. Use the search button on the top right...For example, you can get a singer machine for $230.00


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