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Thursday, August 02, 2012

In Ecuador You Can’t Enter a Bank...

In Ecuador You Can’t Enter a Bank

 …or other Ecuadorian government office wearing sunglasses or a hat. Sometimes, depending on the bank, you also will have to take off your back pack and give it to the guard on duty. These are just security precautions the country of Ecuador deems appropriate in this society. 

When we first moved here, we often forgot to take off our sunglasses or hat because in the U.S you can wear a ball cap or hat and sunglasses in the banks. If you accidently forget to take off your cap or hat, the guard will motion with his hands for you to take it off.

Here are some other things about the banks here in Cuenca that you may not already know. Tellers sit behind bullet proof glass. Sometimes, if there is no talking vent you have to really speak up for them to hear you. They do not like it in some banks if more than one person goes up to the teller; if you are a couple the guard may ask one of you to wait by the door. 

All banks in Ecuador and other big government offices have one or two security personnel standing guard holding sawed off shot guns. As a result Ecuador banks very seldom get robbed! 

Stay tuned for more from "In Ecuador You Can't..." Series.


  1. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised by armed-to-the-teeth bank guards since all the house & shop windows are barred.

    I love your blog because you don't give us any promo bull. Please, where can I get up-to-date statistics on felonies in Cuenca.

  2. Wow, that's so funny. I live in Arizona, where you can enter a bank wearing a gun (so long as it's holstered).

    1. I agree, it is so funny. I also live in AZ and have been shopping with folks wearing sidearms. It didn't worry me though. I guess I felt confident that they weren't going to draw down and shoot me for some reason. I'm still trying to figure out why they feel they have to wear a gun here in the U.S. of A. Uh, rattlesnakes? You should have mentioned that you can't enter a bar or saloon or some restaurants that serve booze with a sidearm on.

  3. Not sure about the statistics. Have to push myself to read the Spanish newspaper. Easier when sitting at the dentist office. Lots of info in that.

    About entering banks, it's amazing to have a state where you can still do that, here in Ecuador the guns laws were changed just a couple of years ago. Prior to that anyone could carry, so the story goes....

    Thanks for commenting...


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