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Our First Encounter with the Police in Cuenca

In our first encounter with the police we received a visitor’s welcome.  They were friendly and accommodating.  They approached us, and offered assistance.  How refreshing!!!  An actual manifestation of service...as in "to serve and protect".   They seemed genuinely pleased to meet us.   And we always give a proper greeting when we see them...



  1. :-) Nice vid with nice local cops.

  2. Glad all your encounters have gone well. The title you chose for this article made me worry about you until I read it. The police always seemed friendly and helpful to me when I was in Cuenca. I would not want to be on the wrong side of the law however in any country.

  3. Omg! This is making me miss Ecuador. I'm from Guayaquil and have to say that Sierra policemen are nicer. I had an encounter (as a foreigner since I know live in the States) with police in Quito and they were just as pleasant. Same in Banos.


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