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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Cuenca Ecuador Winter Weather

For those of you who care about Cuenca weather, you might care about this. Cuenca’s weather, oddly enough is nicer and sunnier in the wintertime. The only difference is, it is about 5 to 10 degrees cooler at night but come eleven o-clock in the morning most of the days are warm and absolutely beautiful. 

UPDATE: (Winter - August 2014) The first statement above is not true anymore. LOL. We've experienced a lot of rain and chilly, windy weather this July and August of 2014. I'm using all of our heaters in the house and it is still cold! This has been an unusually cold winter this year. I think the best way to tell people about the weather in Cuenca is to say, IT IS UNPREDICTABLE! 
We’ve commented before about how there are more cloudy days in Cuenca than sunny, but in the winter, we feel it is a toss-up. It seems we’ve had just as many sunny days as cloudy days this winter. Winter in Ecuador begins in June and ends in October or November. Summer begins Nov/Dec and ends in April/May, or there a-bouts.
It takes some getting used to because it is so much nicer here in the winter compared to summer that you think it is summer, but it is actually winter. Did you get that? LOL ...PLEASE READ the update above.
Summer in Ecuador is rainy season, and boy does it rain! It rains and it rains and then it pours. This is great for gardening and having lush green grass and flora in your yard, but you most likely will get caught up in a rain storm if you walk around a lot like we do. Take an umbrella with you.
Winter in Cuenca coincides with the dry season—we haven’t had much rain lately (2012 and 2013). If you are a gardener you may have to water your plants the old fashioned way, otherwise your garden may dry out. It rained today, the first time in a couple of weeks. This winter seems to be much dryer than last year in Cuenca. Of course, when there are no clouds, you get…sunshine…so dry season = many sunny days in Cuenca.
In the summer it rains almost every day and it is cloudy on most days. We’ve enjoyed the sunny days this winter, but the gardener in the house is ready for some rain. Just thought you might want to know this bit of information about the weather patterns in Cuenca Ecuador.


  1. Thank you for this information. Weather is very important for me when I make my decision where to live. I'm tired of the heat of Northern California. If I never see a day over 80 degrees it is okay with me. It usually runs above 100 during the summer here and I hate it.
    I always get so much from your blog.
    Thanks again,

  2. Is it windy there. I love the wind. It could be windy every day and I'd love it.

  3. It is windy in spurts. It is not windy every day. I like wind too. It's not a windy city like Corpus Christy. But then again, it's not as hot either. If it was windy all the time, if would feel a lot colder.

    Thanks for commenting.


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