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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gualaceo Mall and Town Square

This is more photos and video of the charming city of Gualaceo Ecuador. We'll definitely go back and check out more about this city that is situated just 20 miles east of Cuenca!



  1. Love your post. Doesn't look like there are many rentals or homes for sale here.

  2. I love when you go to towns around Cuenca, because that is where I want to retire instead of the big city. As long as there are restaurants, shops and markets. I want to be +/-30 minutes from Cuenca. You mentionned in the previous video that things were more expensive, do you have an idea why? Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Things that are expensive are usually imported. Even imports from China seem to be higher, and the quality is obviously lacking.

    No there are not that many rentals because it's a very small market. It's like going to Andy Griffith's Mayberry...in the 50's.


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