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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taking Bus to Guayaquil from Salinas

Traveling by bus around Ecuador is easy, inexpensive and actually fun. The transportation system is wonderful. The buses are comfortable and leave major cities every 7 to 10 minutes. This video shows our bus trip from Salinas to Guayaquil, which is our first leg of the trip back to Cuenca. From the bus terminal in Guayaquil you simply buy another bus fare to Cuenca.



  1. When one is planning a trip to Cuenca, where is the airport? And how long is the bus ride from the airport to Cuenca?

  2. The airport is in Cuenca, about a mile from the historical center (city center. You can walk to downtown, take a bus, or a taxi. Bus is $0.25 cents and a taxi is $2 from the airport to downtown Cuenca.

  3. Thank you for responding. Now I just need to figure out which flight goes from the U.S. to Cuenca. I appreciate all your help. Have a wonderful day. =)

  4. You have to fly from the US into either Guayaquil or Quito. It is then a roughly half-hour flight to Cuenca. However, due to flight arrival/departure times, you need to stay in a hotel overnight to catch that Cuenca flight.

    This time (next week), we are flying into Guayaquil and then hiring a van from MIO Travels (google them) to drive us to Cuenca. That way we won't have to fight the issue of the extra suitcases on the internal flight. Van takes about 4 hours to drive the distance.


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