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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 Simple Pleasures of Living in Cuenca Ecuador

We are enjoying our life in Cuenca. Cuenca has so many simple pleasures that this video could go on and on for hours. Do you have time? LOL Instead, this five minute video is of us living our daily life in Cuenca and enjoying every minute of it. Fortunately, I remembered to take out my camera to record some of these simple pleasures of daily living in this beautiful city high up in the Andes Mountains. Enjoy the video!



  1. Hi Frank/Angie: I truly enjoy your blog..I am currently in Guayaquil, in our new apt, with our baby daughter...although we have been here numerous times, we are now "living here." Your blog is spot on about the simple pleasures and the little annoyances about coming here; I thought I'd let you know about other very minute differences and/or challenges when someone considers possibly living here (you may or may not agree with me): (1) Toilet Paper/Paper Towels, no matter the cost, are really CHEAP!!! They fall apart the moment a drop of water falls on them..(2) Back home, you may clean your house 1-2X per week; here, be prepared to dust/mop every single day (very dusty here), and be sure to consume food only in the kitchen/eating area (no eating in bedrooms), otherwise you may encounter some "uninvited guests" in your home (happened to me 2x). (3) learn to cook from scratch; not only is prepared food expensive, but contains many ingredients you may not want...(4) If you make a purchase (clothes, small electronics, etc), make sure you really want it, as it is NOT so easy to make returns as it is in the US. (5) You mentioned it many times, but there certainly is price shock here (4 pieces of sliced prosciutto $6!!) Ecuador definitely is NOT cheap for those who think they can still have the purchasing power they do in US!! (6) As a young mother, I was used to hop in my car, put baby in car seat, and go to the mall or wherever I needed to go with relative ease; not so here..definitely need to "buddy up" with someone, as young women out and about alone are easy targets for not-so-pleasant things to occur to you...
    Keep the anecdotes and experiences coming, and I hope to meet you guys soon!


  2. Monica, thank you for your insights and experiences. We agree with everything you said. And one more thing about the toilet paper...have you noticed it is all scented? Have you been able to buy any TP that did not have perfume in it? LOL Seriously, some folks may not want perfume in their tp.

    I am especially glad you let us know about how a woman needs to buddy up with someone else rather than go out alone in any city in Ecuador. It might be worse in Guayaquil for a woman alone, but it is the same anywhere in Ecuador.

    Monica and let us know when you're coming to Cuenca.
    Take care!
    Angie and Frank


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