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Sunday, October 28, 2012

$300 Cuenca Ecuador Rental Home Tour

This is a brand new (never lived in) tri-level home 3 bed for $300. There are some people that have said on forums that renting in this price range you will be living in a hovel...but we are exposing this untruth that has been floating around on some of the Cuenca forums. This home is in a gated community of about 7 other homes that are still in the construction phase. This home in the video has been rented.



  1. Hi Frank and Angie. I am Francisco from Cuenca. Your website is excelent and you have very accurate info about Cuenca. Also your lifestyle is very valuable as it promotes not living in a permanent consumism but in a more frugal down to earth way. Concerning rent prices as I am from here I have some comments: The raising on prices to rent appartments or houses is not solely due to expat influx and that they pay more, it has greatly to do with the growth of the city, the growth of the ecuadorian economy, the raising on construction costs, and the fact that: 1)cuencanos as they grow old and the children leave home, they sell the big house, or rent it for bussiness, then they buy apartments in condos and move there. 2)young married couples buy or rent appartments because is the only thing they can afford, or else living in the country. 3)The goverment through the IESS is giving a lot of housing loans as never before. Because all of this plus expats coming to live here has created a huge demand for new places to live, but the construction industry is not responding as fast, it takes 2 years to finish a building and almost 1 to finish a house here.
    best regards

  2. Thanks Francisco. However, if you were to walk just one week in our shoes, you might re think some of your assumptions.

    I'll have to leave the rest for a blog post as it's too long to fit here. Thanks again for your kind words. Have a wonderful day...

    1. Hi Frank:

      This house is truly beautiful. Due to health reasons I would need to look for a one floor or ranch type house and would also need to hire a person to take care of the cooking and upkeep of the house as I am not capable of doing it. Are these type of properties available? and what is the average salary for a housekeeper there?

    2. Hi there.
      For this kind of dialogue please go to the $300 Cuenca Rentals link at the top.

      We don't use housekeepers. You will have to enter into Employment obligations with the government. It would take some research. Maybe someone reading this blog with a housekeeper will answer. Thanks for commenting.


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