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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cuenca Ecuador Rental Inflation - Local Cuencana Speaks Out

According to the Cuencana in the video below, Gringos coming to Cuenca will spend $600 or more on a rental when they don’t have to. We already knew not to spend that much on rent BEFORE we came to Cuenca, and that is why we pay a local rent of $250 per month for our 2,000 sq. ft, 3 bedroom-3 bath, plus office home.

But that was then. Nowadays, the Ecuador blogosphere is full of blogs with people bragging about what they’re getting for $600 a month. But according to the local Ecuadorian in the video, they could be harming the economy for at least, some of the locals. BTW, this is not the only local who is letting us know about the rental inflation.

This is an unsolicited video from a local that just started talking to Frank and I while she was showing us a beautiful new home (never been lived in) for $300 per month, and I kindly asked her if I could record her thoughts on video, and well, here it is.

If the owners and landlords of the rentals in Cuenca KNOW and SEE that the gringos are willing to pay $600 to $900 on basic rentals (and they do and they are) then of course, they will gladly KEEP raising the rental prices just for them! When gringos come here and just pay whatever, without a care in the world, they are the ones hurting Cuenca and making it VERY difficult for the local Cuencanos to find a home for their family, and now you can hear it straight from the Ecuadorians.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know we don’t just report our opinions, we report the facts and/or our experiences. As such, we occasionally catch some blow-back,  but remember, we’re just the messengers.

BTW, this home in the video has recently rented, but there may be more coming up! Remember never accept an asking price. Always, always, negotiate. This home in the video was actually going for $350 but Frank negotiated the rent down to $300! So please never accept asking prices!Tour of this home coming up in next video.

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Read Disclaimer:

This video and article is not intended to denounce or condemn anyone. The ideas mentioned in this article and/or this blog as a whole may or may not apply to all persons in general, but only to those that have an interest in living well on less in Ecuador, and integrating within the population in order to do so.

For more about going local, integrating with the population and having the time of your life in Cuenca Ecuador, a lot of people are recommending the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide!

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