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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Restaurant Guide Updated: Banana Verde Cafe! Traditional Ecuadorian Food!

We wrote the free restaurant guide when we first moved here, which was over a year ago and a few things have changed. Some of the Almuerzo prices have gone up, plus one of the restaurants is gone...yikes! So we updated the restaurant guide with the new prices, plus added two new restaurants. You will find all of the addresses for the restaurants in the free restuarant guide.  Click here for the new updated version.

Banana Verde Cafeteria

We're pleased to tell you about a wonderful little Ecuadorian Traditional food cafe that we stumbled upon.  Banana Verde has been added to the restaurant guide because it is a neat snack food cafe. It's not the typical full meal almuerzo restaurant like the other restaurants in the restaurant guide.

If you happen to be out and about in Cuenca and want a delicious Ecuadorian snack with a cup of "real" (Columbian) coffee for $0.50 then this is a good place to try out. We liked the atmosphere  because of the unique decor, and the owner was friendly and accommodating. She smiled a lot, until I took the photo of her. She does not speak English.  She was very happy we are advertising her restaurant in the guide book. (BTW, we do this for FREE we never charge a dime to list anyone's restaurant or hostel in our guide books.)

Most food items on the Banana Verde menu are $0.75 cents up to a $1.50.  In Ecuador many of the traditional restaurants show you what the dish looks like as does this cafe, which is nice. Here, take a look!
Frank ordered the Banana Verde from the menu, which is the first one on the menu above. And below is a photo of the actual plate so you can compare it to how it looks on the menu. Looks the same. Frank enjoyed the food.

Here's the $0.75 cent menu. I ordered a chicken empanada for $0.75, which is not shown on the outside menu, but is listed in the actual menu inside the cafe. I also had a cup of Colombian coffee for $0.50 cents which was a real treat because usually I am given a cup of hot water and a jar of instant coffee.

Here is the chicken empanada 

 We talk more about the Banana Verde Cafe in the Free restaurant guide

Be sure to grab yourself a copy today. It is our gift to you for being loyal readers/subscribers of the Discover Cuenca Blog!  Be sure that after it downloads to "save" it on your computer so you can reopen it whenever you want. 

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