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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Restaurant El Monarca en Cuenca

The interesting and fun thing about trying out different restaurants in Cuenca is being able to relish in the history and beauty of some of the colonial buildings in historic Cuenca.  Many of the buildings have been restored and remodeled, like this one, but not all of them retain the old world charm of the colonial period.

This restaurant had beautiful antique furniture, obviously restored.  The tiles were beautiful with hardwoods in between, which was something we’ve never seen anywhere else in Cuenca.

When eating out in new restaurants you never know what kind of setting and ambiance you will be in until you go inside and try it out. We feel that part of the dining out experience is in the atmosphere and d├ęcor of the restaurant. We’ve lived here going on 15 months now and we still appreciate and are amazed at the beauty of some of the buildings.

The murals on the wall in this restaurant we're absolutely amazing!
The old furniture was lovely and restored
 The old world charm was all retained


The El Monarca Restaurant served the typical almuerzo and it was good.  On this day (each day is different) the menu was cream of tomato soup, roast beef with gravy and rice, a vegetable and a small desert in a lovely atmosphere, and all for just $2.50.

But the ambiance alone was worth the price.  The beauty of this restaurant / hotel was amazing so we took photos to share with our readers. Photo below is the hotel lobby.


  1. It would be nice on your restaurant tours, that you put an address, so we can find it. If they don't have a website, we are left with Etapa phone book in Spanish.

  2. I really ove reading your blog, very informative. I just can't wait to get to Cuenca. The restaurant sounds good, where is it?

  3. Hi all. Don't have that handy just now. We'll be updating the FREE restaurant guide and listing the address, we'll let you know when it's ready. Thank you for your patience. And thanks for commenting...


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