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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gran Aki Supermercado in Cuenca Ecuador

We did some comparison shopping when we went to Gran Aki Supermercado. We noticed that some things were better priced than Coral but some things were not.  But, if you buy in bulk, which is five of the same item or more you'll receive a discount. For an example: we noticed that the EV Olive Oil is the same price at Gran Aki as it is at Supermaxi, but if you buy five bottles the savings is $5 bucks! Not bad. Notice in the video there are two prices below the item. The lower price is the discount you receive if you buy in bulk.  Gran Aki sells, shoes, clothes, electronics, housewares and hardware. It is definitely worth shopping here if you buy in bulk. Enjoy the video!



  1. These are my favorite videos. Looking at all the bikes in the parking lot, do you know the process of getting or transfering a motorcycle license?

  2. We haven't done it ourselves, but we have a friend that has. He says you have to have a local either tax i.d. number like from a company you run or a local cedula number.

    Then, you have to runaround to several different offices. Good luck...
    Thanks for commenting

  3. The prices seem high for shoes. Are there any open-air markets that sell good-quality shoes at a good price? Or can those only be found in malls or stores? Thanks! P.S. I really enjoy all your videos! Thanks for posting them :)

    1. Thank you! No, you can buy shoes at the Mercado's and there are shoe vendors that sell knock offs by Feria Libre. A town about 45-min. from Cuenca called Gaualaceo is the place to buy shoes as they make many of them right there.


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