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Saturday, November 17, 2012

La Vida en Cuenca Ecuador 2012

Daily life in Cuenca Ecuador -- from the hustle bustle of the city center to relaxing in the park watching the pigeons -- that's part of life in Cuenca. In the month of November there is usually a lot of festivities and activities going on in Parque Calderon. And there is always free entertainment on the bus! This is just a hodgepodge of video of la vida en Cuenca!


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  1. Love your take on Househunters Int'l. My husband and I are retired & researching places to immigrate. I admit we are addicts of HouseHunters, but also know it's a contrived reality show. We've had the experience of meeting the realtor featured on a few of the programs on Belize where we've visited. Having been there, it looks quite different on the show. Also, thanks for moderating. Unmoderated blogs can get really testy...not something I like. I look forward to yur info.


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