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Nectar Vegetarian Restaurant Featured in Our Free Almuerzo Guide

The Nectar Restaurant is an International vegetarian cuisine eatery. The food is healthy and wholesome and the almuerzo is $2.50. Teressa, the owner is a joy to talk with and she speaks English!  This restaurant has a very interesting ambiance. Teressa displays on the walls of her restaurant local artists artwork and paintings, and other handmade items such as non-chemical made creams, soaps, lotions, and a variety of natural health foods like natural coconut oil and cocoa butter. All of these locally made items are for sale to the public. Nectar is located in the heart of downtown Cuenca and is featured in our free almuerzo restaurant guide with the location. We share our restaurant choices with members of this blog.


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  1. What a pretty restaurant, very nice colors and people.


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