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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things To Do in Cuenca Ecuador - November 2012

This is a photo menagerie of some of the activities that have been happening lately and some of the things we have done around Cuenca in the month of November. La Vida en Cuenca!

There was the arts and crafts festival which was a huge event - it takes a whole day or two just to walk through and see everything. A must see in November 2-4

                                               And there was some very creative art exhibits

We tried out three new restaurants in the city of Cuenca and featured them in our free restaurant guide.

Banana Verde - Traditional Ecuadorian Snack type foods. 
 El Monarca Restaurant and Hotel

Nectar Vegetarian Restaurant


 We walked along the river (Tomabamba) starting from Avenida Las Americas all the way to Paraiso Parque, about three miles --it is a beautiful walk!  (video coming soon!)

 Taking a break from walking - it was hot on this day.
We spotted another tarantula on our back terraza - they are a bit scary looking but we have learned they are good spiders and will not try and harm you

We went and listened and watched the Cuenca orchestra play a live event of classic (70's and 80's) rock and roll at the Casa de Cultura Theatre
(video coming soon!)
The orchestra was wonderful! 
We went out into the country and found a beautful rustic hostal; they offer horse back riding and other outdoorsy type acitvities - Cuenca has some beautiful countryside. 

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