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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Discover Cuenca Ecuador Most Popular Articles Revisited

For the rest of the month of December 2012 we're going to be revisiting some of the most read articles on the Discover Cuenca Ecuador Blog.  Here are three such articles we think you'll enjoy, especially if you are thinking of moving here or already here in Cuenca! Your comments and questions are always welcomed and appreciated.

Another article came out just today Reuters Yahoo Finance, about how a couple can retire on $600 a month in Cuenca Ecuador. Let us make something perfectly clear. You CANNOT retire on $600 a month in Cuenca Ecuador, doing it the way that most expats are doing it now. This couple leased an apartment almost two years ago…we want to see $200 a month downtown apartment, overlooking the river today in Cuenca!

In the Yahoo article the couple mentioned they rent an apartment for $200 a month overlooking the river in Cuenca; Yeah, maybe back in 2010 when they found the apartment. Finding this kind of a deal now for a two bedroom is gone in the downtown area, and especially if it is furnished.  

If any Ecuadorian or gringo real estate Agency would like to call us on it, go for it, and please let us know where in downtown Cuenca we can actually rent a two bedroom furnished for $200 a month. We’ll be thrilled to tell our readers about it. Read More

Best Retirement City in the World: Cuenca Ecuador or...Hutchinson Kansas??

Yes, Hutchinson Kansas.  Why?  Before you click away from this article consider that we know of retirees in their 70s that live well on less than $1000 a month in Hutchinson Kansas.  We know this because they are long time friends.  We have personally spent time in Hutchinson Kansas so we know the city personally.  And finally, we considered moving to Hutchinson Kansas before coming to Cuenca Ecuador, so we investigated a lot of the important things people want to know before moving to a new place.

There are many North American Cities that would make for great retirement. We are not singling out Hutchinson for any particular reason except for the fact we have personal knowledge of and believe it would make for a low cost, low stress, peaceful retirement.  It would be one of our cities of choice to retire in if we had stayed in North America. Read More

Some Cuenca Expats Want to Scare Gringos Away from Cuenca

We have met three Kinds of Gringos / Expats that Live in Cuenca

1.    Cuenca Glorifiers: There are those who only glorify Cuenca and talk about only the positives because they want as many people to move here as possible. These are the people who have a vested interest in Cuenca, literally. If you say anything negative about their heavenly paradise, they’ll basically call you a liar and a whiner.

2.    Panicky Expats: There are those who don’t want more expats moving to Cuenca. These are the people who are in fear that their social security or other means of retirement is not going to allow them to live here if the cost of living goes up. If you say anything positive about Cuenca, they’ll call you a liar and contradict what you have to say.  Read More


  1. I have read your blogs for the past several months and have gained a lot of information. Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!

    My wife and I are still on scheduled to come to visit Ecuador in May 2013, including Cuenca. Hope to meet up with you then.



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