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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Revisiting Frugal Living in Cuenca Ecuador!

This is a continuation of revisiting some of the most read articles on the Discover Cuenca Ecuador Blog. We will be displaying these popular articles through the month of December.

Some things have gone up a bit in Cuenca...there has been some inflation but it is not that noticeable. Our cost of living is still pretty much the same. Let's revisit a families cost of living in Cuenca Ecuador.

As promised here is our cost of living for our family of five adults living in Cuenca Ecuador.

Monthly Cost of Living in Cuenca Ecuador

Rent: $250
Water and Electric: $90
Propane (gas): $10
Food: $300
Internet: $72
Cell phone: $19
Vonage: $25
 Read More about our cost of living.

Are you all vegetarians?   

Someone commented on one of our restaurant videos; they asked if we were vegetarians. We get asked that a lot. The answer to that question is no, we are not vegetarians. But we do try to limit our intake of meat to only twice a week because we have found it to be healthier than eating meat every day. Read More and watch a video of one of our big shopping sprees.

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