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Revisiting Our Most Popular Video on YT about Ecuador: It Has Most Dislikes and Comments

Now understand when we created this video for our viewers it was meant to be non-offensive. What it was created for was to show our viewers some of the things that may surprise them when they first get to Ecuador  It is merely meant to be an informational video for those people who are thinking of moving to Ecuador.  It is our most popular video but also has the most dislikes and comments.

We can be like most people and only talk about the good or share only those things that are positive about Cuenca but what good is that to potential expatters to Cuenca? This video has gotten a lot of flack and to be honest we can't figure out why? Tell us what you think...we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. BTW...there are way more surprises here in Cuenca than just these 10. These are the ones we knew about at the time. We're definitely going to be expanding on this video in the future. Until then, enjoy the video!

10 Things that May Surprise You (at first) about Ecuador

Some of the things we list in the video you already know about because you are a reader of this blog! But some of these surprises you may not know about yet. There is a lot more that could be said about "things" that are and can be surprising about living in Ecuador, especially when you first move here. But you know, after awhile you just start getting used to it. But you still need to keep an eye out, because if you aren't looking where you're walking there's sure to be a surprise on the sidewalk. And yes, we still love Ecuador!



  1. Merry Christmas Angie/Frank/Brandon/Angelo/Alex!

    Hope you guys had an awesome -ecuadorian way- Christmas!

    I really enjoy watching your vlogs specially the ones you guys spent time with the kids @ the children's home, they seem very happy and thankful for the love you give them, but we know that the real gift is the love and patience that they gave you back!

    I would love to read what you guys did for Christmas! And if you're going to make an "año viejo" for 31/dec hahaha (I'm not fan of firecrakers but its a way without them when you only burn the "año viejo" doll) Kids in home would love doing an año viejo.

    Reading you soon! ;)

  2. Hello Marcela, Thank you for your post. we're glad you are enjoying the videos.


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