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We Still Rent in Cuenca for $250 a Month!

Some of our new readers may have not had a chance to read about finding a nice unfurnished rental for just $250 in Cuenca, so it is one of the articles we are revisiting in the month of December. We've done a lot of footwork research as far as finding nice homes in the local price range, so we know for a fact you can still find a nice 3 bedroom apartment or house in the $250 to $350 price range in Cuenca. 

We also know it is very easy to get gringo gouged just because you're a foreigner. Some of the foreigners that we have talked with tell us they got price gouged when searching for a rental and had to walk away. We're happy that there are some foreigners willing to walk away. We have been in some "very much in need of TLC" houses in Cuenca where the landlords were asking $600! Frank loves to tell them the price is too high and walk away. If more people walked away it will make a difference.  

The house we rent in Cuenca is a little over 2000 sq ft and was built in 2008. It is a cement home with 3 bedrooms, office, sun room, living room, dining room, kitchen, outdoor laundry patio area under roof, small green area, and 2-1/2 baths. There is tile throughout and the bedrooms and office have hardwood floors. The kitchen has granite counter tops. Living room has a sunken hardwood floor from the dining room, and both of these rooms have about 1/2 thick crown molding and lots of detail. Read more and see more photos!


If you're serious about moving to Cuenca, living the good life, integrating into the community and saving money, then the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide will show you the way! You can make your dream a reality!  We did and so can you!


  1. Hello,
    Have read all your posts, they are really nice and informative, could you also please write about the local banks and the current interest rates they offer for term deposits.

  2. I think I may have errored and sent my post before I finished it... anyway...

    Wishing the two of you (and the lads) a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Robert Symington

  3. @ Anonymous: use the search box on the right to find what you're looking for, there's hundreds of articles here.

    @ Robert: Thank you very much for your kind thought. Blessings to you and your household...


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